The First High-Tech Application Line in Central Europe

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Article | 24.02.2020

LUKROM was founded in 1991 where at that time it focused exclusively on trading agricultural commodities. Over the years, the company has developed into a secure business supplying comprehensive services to the agricultural industry.

Through both organic growth and acquisitions, LUKROM spol s r.o has developed relationships with companies working in primary agricultural production as well as those providing services to the agricultural market. Through these activities, the LUKROM group was formed. The LUKROM group now employs 750 permanent staff members and has become part of the 'Life of the Farmer's' council in Moravia and East Bohemia.

Production of compound feed

The division focuses on the production of compound feed in Lipa and Vyskov, both in Czech Republic. These centers are both registered for the production of feed for farm animals and for the manufacture of medicated compound feed. Total annual production has exceeded 100,000 tons in recent years, making LUKROM one of the most significant feed producers in the Czech and Slovak markets.


In line with the company's innovative approach to business, LUKROM spol s r.o has worked with Huvepharma®, Mangra s.a. and BIOFERM CZ to install and launch the first high-tech application line for the spraying of liquid enzymes onto compound feed post-pelleting. The machine that enables this is called the Huvematic®.

The Huvematic® concept has been internationally recognised as one of the best innovations in the feed industry. It was developed out of a co-operation between global enzyme producer Huvepharma® and European industry leader in spraying technology Mangra s.a. The Huvematic® system allows fully automated, precise application of enzymes in solution to feed formulas, all done directly on site.

Installation of enzyme spraying technology - the Huvematic® by (left) Dirk Heynderickx from Huvepharma® and Ing. Filip Borovan from Bioferm®.

The unique water-soluble technology in the powdered superconcentrate products of OptiPhos® WSP and Hostazym® X WSP manufactured by Huvepharma®, allow the complete replacement of liquid product deliveries in IBCs. As the liquid enzyme is mixed directly on site when it is needed, there is always a fresh supply. The system is also flexible enough to allow a combination of different levels of phytase and non-starch polysaccharide (NSP) enzyme, so each batch of feed can be individually tailored to exact specifications.

The machine itself is housed in a durable, hermetically sealed and air-conditioned cabinet, ensuring the reliable and accurate operation of the machine in a wide range of ambient temperatures. The Huvematic® is made from stainless steel and is equipped with two independent strain gauges which weigh the superconcentrate powder form of the phytase (OptiPhos® WSP) or NSP enzyme (Hostazym® X WSP). Once the accurate weighing is complete, the superconcentrated enzyme powders are automatically mixed with water, ready for spraying. All of this can be controlled from the touch screen computer on the machine. Both spray lines are equipped with weight flowmeters, enabling high-precision enzyme application and ensuring homogenous application of the liquid enzyme onto the compound feed.

This unique and innovative machine makes it possible to optimize the nutritional value of the feed, but it also brings huge savings in terms of human labor and eliminates the requirement for transportation and storage of liquid enzyme product in IBCs, dramatically improving environmental and economic factors.  


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