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Aviapp® is a free app that enables you to follow up and improve the health status, welfare and performance of your poultry flocks, all from the convenience of your hand-held device or computer. Data from your farm is captured and recorded in one easy-to-use app, allowing critical decisions and adjustments to be made to optimize the performance of your flock. You can also benchmark your performance against other farms.

Aviapp is available for broiler, layer and turkey producers. 

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Huvepharma’s Aviapp


Aviapp testimonial from Emilse Bover at Soychú, Argentina

Emilse Bover oversees the Data Management Department at Soychú. Soychú is Argentina's second largest poultry production company, producing 2 million chicks per week.

In 2020, Ms. Bover and her colleagues were visited by the Huvepharma distributor in Argentina who introduced Aviapp, our poultry health platform.

The Aviapp platform allows us to collect all the necessary information in to one central, secure database

"The first feature of Aviapp that caught my attention was the possibility to register data. We were previously using Excel files, but the Aviapp platform allows us to collect all the necessary information in to one central, secure database." said Ms. Bover.

"In addition, having online access to Aviapp is a huge benefit. We currently have more than 20 supervisors and veterinarians using the app to record data from 400 farms in different locations across the country. Our veterinarians do necropsies in the field and our supervisors use the app to fill in information such as mortality and weight information once a week."

The easy-to-use interface allows the team to input data into Aviapp during their visits, saving precious time at the end of each day

Ms. Bover reports that the interface of Aviapp is very intuitive and easy-to-use. This allows the team to input data into Aviapp during their visits, saving them precious family time at the end of the day that they previously had to use copying information into Excel files. Each supervisor only sees the farms and information they are responsible for on the app. This improves their user experience as they are not overwhelmed with too much data.

"All the information is immediately uploaded to one central place which I can access and use to produce reports to share with the rest of the Soychú team straight away. Everybody can then follow-up and see our production via the dashboards." continued Ms. Bover.

Before adopting the platform, an evaluation trial was conducted using some of Soychú's historical data. Excel files containing health and performance data were sent to the Huvepharma IT team who created the necessary links to upload the data without having to change any of the original files.

Implementing Aviapp was easier than I expected, we didn't have to change our existing files at all

"Setting up our Aviapp platform was easier than I first thought," said Ms. Bover. "The Huvepharma IT team took care of everything, and all the information was visualized in the app which was great."

The benefits of Aviapp were immediately apparent to Ms. Bover. "I saw the benefit from the first day. Collecting data is an extraordinary benefit for the whole company because you can make decisions with better support and faster."

Now we can focus on analysing our data and optimizing our business

After seeing the benefits for themselves, Soychú were keen to continue using Aviapp. The system was tailored to automatically populate with information taken from standard emails sent to their farms. "There is no additional effort required from us, we don't have to change anything which saves us time and reduces the number of errors."

"We absolutely recommend Aviapp to everyone in the poultry industry. It is extremely easy to use, and the IT team took care of everything in the set-up stage. So now we can focus on analysing our data and optimising our business." concluded Ms. Bover.


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