Climate Change & Decarbonization

We constantly consider and review the specific impacts of our business on climate change and we are dedicated to use energy in more responsible manners.

Huvepharma is committed to meaningful disclosure on climate costs including risks and will integrate the reporting recommendations outlined by the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD). This entails assessing both transition risks and physical risks (as defined by the TCFD) stemming from future climate policies and climate change.

We understand our important stewardship role in protecting and supporting the environment for future generations and we are unswerving in our dedication to this.

In our reporting and disclosure, we are conscious of avoiding boilerplate material and we will continue to focus on company-specific, decision-relevant information that is crucial for Huvepharma.

Our innovative enzymes are contributing to the digestibility of feedstuffs and increasing the uptake of nutrition from the feed. They also reduce pollutants such as phosphate and nitrogen, limiting the overall environmental footprint related to animal husbandry.

Green Energy – We built a solar power plant of 40MW installed capacity. This went fully operational in 2022 and covers a significant part of our electricity needs.

GHG (Greenhouse Gas Emission) reduction – Our target is to reduce carbon emissions by 25,000 tons per year, from 2023 onward.

Improvements in energy efficiency – We are implementing the construction of a technology which monitors energy consumption, installing specialized software for monitoring and analyzing this “smart energy” use. This will ensure convenient data collection, database storage, and data visualization, providing an opportunity to study the consumption and efficiency of energy use in real time and ensuring maximum efficiency of our facilities.

Water, Air and Waste Management

Huvepharma has made substantial investments over the last 15 years in waste and water management as well as in air quality improvement.

Modern waste water treatment plants and exhaust air filtration installations have been integrated into our manufacturing facilities. Wastewater from production is discharged after treatment and verified in accordance with stringent EU guidelines.

Efficient Heat and Power – We have constructed a co-generation plant to ensure the supply of energy and steam for our production in Peshtera, Bulgaria, contributing to a reduction of our CO2 emissions.

Our waste management system: Manufacturing waste (biomass and hazardous materials) are safely treated in two biomass incineration plants. We have invested over €11 million and the two incinerators have been fully functional since 2016 and 2017 in Peshtera and Razgrad respectively, where the residual heat is used to produce steam. That steam is used in the manufacturing cycle (including the fermentation, granulation and drying processes) which also reduces our overall CO2 emissions

Circularity and waste utilization – We are using approximately 4,300 tonnes of unwanted output material and by-products from third party manufacturing operations as input materials for our own production every year.

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