Hostazym® X Demonstrates its Positive Impact on Carp Performance

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Article | 11.02.2020

Aquaculture and aquafeed markets are in a period of fast growth. Along with this, added value nutritional tools are essential to ensure optimal fish performance and efficient use of increasingly expensive resources.

Hostazym® X is a highly efficient fibre degrading enzyme complex, with proven efficacy for increasing nutrient digestibility, resulting in better growth performance and a healthier gut environment in poultry and swine species. But as well as being used in traditional livestock production, Hostazym® X is the only fibre degrading enzyme approved by the European Commission for use in carp feed, an achievement that supports its uniqueness and efficiency in different diets and species.

Figure 1. Specific growth rate (SGR; left) and feed conversion ratio (FCR; right) in three different carp performance trials with Hostazym® X supplemented at 1050 or 1500 EPU/kg feed.


To demonstrate the efficacy of Hostazym® X in increasing performance and improving nutrient utilization in carp, three research trials were set. The trials compared a control diet with a control diet supplemented with Hostazym® X (at 1050 or 1500 EPU/kg), using commercial standard feeds which meet the nutritional requirements of the species and growth stage (diets formulated with fish meal, blood meal, soybean and rapeseed meal as the main protein sources). Trials were conducted with common carp species, during a 90-day growth period using fish at different growth stages. In two of the trials, nutrient digestibility / deposition was also measured.

The results, summarized in Figure 1 and Table 1 clearly show that: 

  • Compared to the control group, all diets supplemented with Hostazym® X in all trials had significantly better final body weight and feed conversion ratio (FCR). 
  • Compared to the control group, all diets supplemented with Hostazym® X had significantly better nutrient deposition for protein and fat.


Table 1. Nutrient retention results in two different trials with Hostazym® X supplemented at 1050 or 1500 EPU/kg feed.


Moreover, the research showed that Hostazym® X supplementation contributed significantly to shifts in intestinal microflora with a clear reduction in E. coli counts and an increase of Lactobacilli populations. This supports the positive effect on carp gut health and aligns with findings in other species.

Key facts

Hostazym® X is a highly efficient enzymatic complex that, when included in a carp diet, leads to:

  • Better performance in terms of increased final body weight and reduced FCR
  • Higher nutrient deposition
  • A healthier gastrointestinal tract environment


With the exception of FCR in trial 2, all results presented were statistically different to the control group, < 0.05.
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