Huvepharma Is Green

Huvepharma® is your chosen partner for sustainable livestock solutions.

At Huvepharma®, it’s not only our logo which is green. We continue our long-term vision to provide livestock solutions to your business, while being mindful and protective towards the environment in which we all operate.

Our green credentials, from strain to shelf, deliver a demonstrable impact on animal and aqua welfare while lessening the burden on the environment.

Huvepharma® is the ideal upstream partner for customers who value the environment and the future of our planet.

Energy is essential to keep production going. Huvepharma®'s circular economy minimises the use of resource inputs and the creation of waste, pollution and carbon emissions.

We operate two incinerator plants where we produce steam from waste materials and biomass, which is then utilised in our production processes. 

Modernised waste water treatment (WWT) plants and a number of exhaust air-filtration installations have been integrated into the Huvepharma® manufacturing facilities, in compliance with the European standards.

Our cogeneration system also produces energy which is used in the production process.

Our solar power installations are in use and construction to a capacity of 300 MW continues.

By 2030, Huvepharma® will be self-reliant.

HuveNutra® produces large-scale sustainable vegan omega-3 algal oils which do not impact the world's diminishing fish stocks.

The HuvePrime® portfolio is environmentally friendly offering the same key ingredients as fish oil but without interfering with the natural ecology of the oceans and without containing PCBs or dioxins.


Dust-free and free-flowing products ensure that Huvepharma®'s products are administered easily, precisely and directly to feed and premixes. Dust is not dispersed into the surrounding environment. 

Huvepharma®'s investments in formulation and microgranulation technology know-how make this happen.

Huvepharma®'s packaging is smaller and greener. Our premix and feed additive products are packaged in paper bags, which reduces reliance on plastics and is less harmful to the environment

Some of our products are available in bulk bags to further reduce packaging and waste. Smaller WSP enzyme packaging has a five-fold lower carbon footprint than liquid enzymes. Water-soluble packaging for probiotic and hygiene products ensures less waste.

Huvepharma®'s sales and marketing activities are geared digitally to reduce waste and minimise the use of finite resources. Software platforms (Aviapp®) and apps aid industry professionals and livestock producers to ensure the responsible use and application of medicines and hygiene products in livestock.

Huvepharma® has taken demonstrable steps throughout our supply chain to reduce the carbon emissions of our production processes. Within our production facilities, we are working towards a carbon neutral status with ongoing projects to protect the environment and support a circular production economy. 

Huvepharma® has invested in environmentally friendly technologies and is licensed to operate in an ecologically friendly way throughout the production cycle. This places us in a leading global position for accountable resource and waste management. Our green credentials in manufacturing, marketing and sales make Huvepharma® the ideal upstream partner for your business. Our products deliver solutions for livestock and aqua to improve production efficiency and reduce the carbon footprint of your business. 

At Huvepharma®, it's not only our logo which is green.

Download our sustainability brochure here.

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