At Huvepharma®, we understand that having a close relationship with you is the only way we can fulfil our promise to add performance to your business. As well as our broad product portfolio, Huvepharma® is dedicated to supplying a range of complementary services. All of our services have been developed with you in mind. From a global network of Huvepharma® representatives, to our more tangible service offerings including Aviapp® and the Huvematic® machine, each one delivers high levels of additional value to your business. Keep reading to find out more about our complete range of services.


This free app captures and records data from your farm and presents it in a way to help you make the critical decisions needed to optimize performance. Click here for more information.


Produce tailor-made liquid enzymes onsite and on-demand with the Huvematic® machine.

Instead of shipping liquid enzymes in bulky IBC containers, you receive a concentrated dry enzyme product. Using the Huvematic® machine, you can turn this concentrate into liquid enzymes onsite and on-demand. Click here for more information.

Spray cabinet

For consistent and homogenous application of coccidiosis vaccines in the hatchery, use the spray cabinet from Huvepharma®. For more information and to see the spray cabinet in action, click here.

Dose calculator

Available for iOS, Android and Blackberry, the Veterinary Dose Calculator from Huvepharma® calculates the precise dose rate for you, based on the body weight of the pigs or poultry you are taking care of. You can use it with:

  • Standard, pre-configured values of feed or water intake
  • Case specific values of food or water intake
  • Daily group doses (totals)

Designed to give you the correct dose of active substance per kg of body weight, the dose calculator works, regardless of product concentration, for every medicated premix, water soluble veterinary products and all products in our dietetic range for poultry.

The calculator is available in several languages. Download your dose calculator today.

Dose calculator

Research & Development

Our leading experts in biotechnology and fermentation are constantly looking for new and improved products and technologies to pass on to our customers. As well as running clinical studies and analytical chemistry, we pride ourselves in developing innovative formulation technologies for finished products and vaccines for improved animal health.

Lab service

Our on-site laboratories conduct hundreds of analyses each week to ensure product quality. In addition, Huvepharma® customers can send in their own samples for the technical team to analyse.


At Huvepharma® we know how hard it is to keep up with innovations in the pharmaceutical industry. That is why our team is dedicated to sharing their world-class knowledge and experience with you. Training is given by our internal specialists and by independent, external experts on topics including gut health, locomotion, respiration, nutrition and feed formulation. Our customers around the world are invited and encouraged to attend the seminars given by Huvepharma® and by external industry groups that fit their interests.


With over 3000 employees in the Huvepharma® team around the world, there is always someone available to respond to your question. Click here to find your local contact person.

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Huvepharma® is a fast-growing, global pharmaceutical company with a focus on developing, manufacturing and marketing human and animal health and nutrition products.
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