Huvepharma Enters a Joint Venture, Huve Nutraceuticals for the Production of Algal Oils

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Corporate | 16.11.2021
Huvepharma, a leading global animal and human health and nutrition company, have announced the start of Huve Nutraceuticals, a joint venture for the large-scale production of vegan omega 3 algal oils for the business-to-business market.

Algal oils are rich in DHA & EPA and will be sold under the product name HuvePrime®. Production will take place at the fermentation production site of Huvepharma in Peshtera, Bulgaria in Europe. Huvepharma operates one of the largest state-of-the-art fermentation sites in the EU with a capacity to fulfill the largest of business-to-business orders. The company recently started the commercial sales process and the first results have exceeded expectations.

Algal-based omega 3 offers the same key ingredients as fish oil. It is produced by fermentation, so doesn't interfere with the natural ecology of the oceans and does not contain PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls) or dioxins. Huve Nutraceuticals uses microalgae grown away from the sea to produce oil in dedicated fermentation units. It doesn't impact on the world's diminishing fish stocks. It is therefore much more environmentally friendly. Huve Nutraceuticals, using the Huvepharma secured production facilities in Europe, aims to facilitate an increase in the consumption of omega 3 from algal sources and in time, will help contribute to decreasing the dependence on omega 3 from fish.

In the manufacturing process, purified water is used in large fermentation units which means no contaminants such as heavy metals, nanoplastics, toxins or other harmful components often found in fish oil omega 3. A substantial part of the energy comes from waste and renewable sources.

The joint venture is reducing the carbon footprint by as much as 50% compared with catching wild fish which requires trawlers, harvesting, processing and then shipping across the world. Huve Nutraceuticals has an ample and efficient supply and logistics chain.

Thomas Brudenell-Bruce, CEO of Huve Nutraceuticals, says about the initiative: "We are committed with this joint venture and the development of innovative, planet friendly products that reduce our carbon footprint. We are constantly striving to improve our manufacturing process and our logistics chain. We are on a mission to be carbon neutral within the next 10 years. We hope that in time, we will make a major contribution to addressing the world's diminishing fish stocks and help increase the consumption of essential fatty acids from non-fish sources. Algal-based omega 3 is non-GMO, gluten free, and based on organic extraction methods."


Key Huve Nutraceutical product offering

Infant and baby formula

HuvePrime® DHA algal oils and fermentation derived ARA (arachidonic acid) provide safe, sustainable and essential key ingredients for infant and baby milk. Omega 3 DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) is a vital component of infant formula. DHA is a long-chain omega 3 fatty acid. It is an essential fatty acid as it cannot be made in the body, it must come from dietary sources. DHA is essential throughout life and is especially important for both brain and eye development in the foetus, baby and infant.

DHA accounts for over 90% of the omega 3 fatty acids found in the brain. It is also about 25% of the brain's total fat content and 60% of the polyunsaturated fatty acids found in the retina. The brain and eyes grow rapidly during pregnancy, the last trimester and the first few years of an infant's life. It is especially important for pregnant mothers to obtain DHA through their diet and continually while breastfeeding. Numerous studies have shown positive results between DHA supplementation during pregnancy and neurological development in infants.


Food applications

HuvePrime® DHA / DHA & EPA algal oil provide essential fatty acids for food applications. There are numerous foods fortified with omega 3 EPA & DHA essential fatty acids from pasta to yoghurt and cereals. Many of us are not getting enough through our diet of oily fish or dietary supplements, a variety of functional foods have appeared in recent years to address this shortfall.

HuvePrime® DHA / DHA & EPA algal oil for dietary supplements provides essential fatty acids DHA and EPA that may offer protection for heart health, cognitive function and vision. DHA is proven essential to pre- and postnatal brain development, while EPA appears to be more influential for behaviour and mood. Algal-derived omega 3 oils are safe, sustainable, 100% vegan, with a lower carbon footprint than any fish oil omega 3.


Pet food, equine and aquarium

HuvePure® DHA algal oils and fermentation-derived ARA are manufactured and formulated for inclusion in pet foods for equine, dogs, cats and aquariums.

DHA (docosahexaenoic acid, omega 3) is an essential omega 3 fatty acid found naturally in algae and oily fish, it is essential for the development of the brain, central nervous system and eyes in early-stage mammals. The primary source of omega 3 fatty acids in mammals is from their mother’s milk. Studies have shown the benefits of DHA supplementation in horses may include improved health, skin and coat, immunity and reproduction.

ARA (arachidonic acid, omega 6) HuvePure® ARA: All pet food should provide essential omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids in ratio. Sources of ARA are plant-based oils which include flaxseed, canola, corn, soybean and corn oil. Our HuvePure® ARA oil is produced by fermentation of a specially selected fungal organism (Mortierella alpina) grown in controlled conditions.

About Huve Nutraceuticals 

Huve Neutraceuticals® together with joint venture partner Huvepharma® specialises in the manufacturing, extraction, processing and marketing of  microbial- and microalgae-derived nutraceutical ingredients such as omega 3 DHA / EPA lipids, protein, EPS (exopolysaccharides), ARA (arachidonic acid).

The Huvepharma state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, all based in Europe, have a total fermentation capacity of over 10,000 m3 and employ the most up-to-date manufacturing process. While being one of the largest fermentation facilities in the EU, it maintains a low carbon footprint by utilising energy from waste and renewable sources.

About Huvepharma

We are a fast-growing global pharma company (in terms of sales growth) with a focus on developing, manufacturing and marketing animal and human health and nutraceutical products. Our key strengths lie in large-scale fermentation and technical expertise developed over more than half a century at our European manufacturing sites. With the joint venture partnership, Huve Nutraceuticals brings expertise in micro-organisms in order to produce ultra-high quality, very competitive algal-based ingredients and finished products for human, pet and aquaculture nutrition applications.


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