Effect of Hostazym® X on Mortality in Growing-Finishing Pigs

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Article | 11.02.2020

The effect of Hostazym® X on the growth performance of pigs is well documented as summarized in Figure 1 below. However, non-starch polysaccharide (NSP) degrading enzymes are also expected to improve the overall gut health status of pigs.

Figure 1. Improved growth and feed conversion results from several pig fattening trials with Hostazym® X added to the diet at 1,500 EPU/kg

When NSP degrading enzymes hydrolyse NSPs, arabinoxylan-oligosaccharides (AXOS) are formed. The AXOS act as a prebiotic as they are preferentially fermented into highly absorbable short-chain fatty acids (SCFA) by the bacterial gut flora. This prebiotic effect induces several positive effects such as a drop in pH and the alteration of the microflora composition in the hindgut of the pig, which results in a healthier gut environment and a better health status for the pig. 

As already demonstrated and published by Huvepharma®, the extra effect of Hostazym® X over performance benefits can be measured through its impact on mortality. Table 1 summarizes the results of four trials where the link between boosted gut health and reduced mortality was identified (in addition to the extra performance benefits). 

Table 1. Summary of four trial results showing the effect of Hostazym® X addition on pig mortality

These results demonstrate that: 

  • Hostazym® X has a consistent effect on reducing mortality in growing-finishing pigs, which can be linked to the prebiotic interaction between the xylanase hydrolysis products (distinct oligosaccharides) and the hindgut microflora. 
  • The addition of a standard dose of Hostazym® X (1,500 EPU/kg feed) decreases mortality rate by more than 25%.

In addition to what has already been published, further investigations into the influence of Hostazym® X on mortality continued under field conditions. Customer reports from an additional 15 studies (Table 2) where mortality and culled and removed pigs were recorded showed:

  • An increase in top hogs by an average of 1.7% (5 studies)
  • An average reduction of 26.9% in mortality (12 studies)
  • An average reduction of 38.6% in culled and removed pigs (3 studies)
Table 2. Increase in top hogs, and reduction in mortality, cull and removal percentages from 15 studies (Hostazym® X added to the diet at 1,500 EPU/kg feed)

The economic impact of the improved mortality and reduced removals can be estimated at around €1,000 per 1,000 pigs placed in addition to the economic benefit of extra performance. (Economical calculation assuming a meat price of €1.40/kg and a slaughter weight of 115 kg. The extra financial gain is due to a reduction in mortality by 25% when Hostazym® X is fed at 1,500 EPU/kg feed). 

Key facts

  • Hostazym® X has proven to increase pig performance and improve gut health status
  • Hostazym® X consistently shows a reduction in mortality (-26.9%) in growing-finishing pigs
  • Hostazym® X increased the number of top hogs by 1.7% and reduced the number of culled or removed pigs by 38.6%
  • Hostazym® X improved financial gain by almost €1,000 per 1,000 pigs placed, leading to a higher income of €1 per placed pig
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