Pigs Benefit From NSP Degrading Enzyme

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Product | 22.06.2018

The non-starch polysaccharides (NSP) fraction in pig diets is by far the most important dietary factor influencing the flow of nutrients from the small to the large intestine in growing pigs.

Nutritional tools, such as enzymes, that are able to show efficacy in hydrolysing NSP (both soluble and insoluble) can positively influence zootechnical performance.

Hostazym® X is a unique enzymatic complex for optimal fibre degradation with a lead position in pig nutrition. In five different trials recently set up by Huvepharma®, the efficacy of Hostazym® X in improving the zootechnical performance of fattening pigs was tested.

Results (Figure 1) show that Hostazym® X has a consistent response in reducing FCR, independently of diet fed (and the fibre structure in it). The contribution of Hostazym® X to better pig performance and optimal production efficiency can be explained by four main actions: 

  • Viscosity reduction (hydrolysis of soluble NSP)
  • Release of extra nutrients from the diet (hydrolysis of insoluble NSP)
  • Positive influence on the gut microflora
  • Improved hind gut fermentation process leading to additional uptake of energy by the pig
Figure 1. Overall FCR of five different fattening pig trials using significantly different diets. 1. Wheat, soybean and sunflower meal. 2. Wheat, barley (40%), soybean and rapeseed meal. 3. Wheat, barley (70%), soybean and rapeseed meal. 4. Wheat, triticale, rye and soybean meal. 5. Triticale, barley, soybean and rapeseed meal.
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