Disinfectants: Phenolics and Oxidants

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Article | 02.08.2021
Franck Foulon and Jean-Charles Baglione

Other types of active ingredients found in disinfectants are phenolic compounds and oxidants.

Phenol, also known as carbolic acid, is one of the oldest antiseptic agents.

Huvepharma's phenolic range - Prophyl®

Prophyl® 75 combines two phenolic derivatives: chlorocresol and chlorophene

Prophyl® S is a synergistic combination of chlorocresol and glycolic acid

The powerful lipophilic activity of phenolics allows product diffusion through even the thickest cell membranes (e.g., bacteria, yeasts, fungi, mycobacteria, oocysts). This property gives Prophy® the broadest spectrum among the different biocide families. 

In addition to its broad spectrum, two unique characteristics of Prophyl® are its:

  • efficacy in the presence of organic matter (including high soiling level conditions)
  • long lasting action

Prophyl® 75 and Prophyl® S are particularly suited to use in: 

  • the destruction of coccidia and cryptosporidia oocysts (Figure 1)
  • biosecurity barriers (e.g., footbaths (Figure 2), wheel dips, environmental disinfection) and for the disinfection of surfaces loaded with organic matter
Figure 1. Oocyst disinfection with Prophyl®
Figure 2. Prophyl® foot dip


There are two types of oxidizing disinfectants in the Huvepharma® hygiene product range. 

Aeroclean® - a peroxide disinfectant

Hydrogen peroxide generates free radicals (hydroxyl OHo and superoxide Oo) which destroy membrane phospholipids, DNA, and enzymes. 

Our new generation disinfectant product, Aeroclean®, combines hydrogen peroxide and lactic acid to provide an optimal acidic environment for the release of the oxidizing radicals and the biocide efficacy. 

Aeroclean® is designed for:

  • airborne disinfection: it exhibits rapid and complete diffusion in the air by cold nebulization (Figure 3), by evaporation at 35oC and by thermal fogging. 
  • optimal biocidal efficacy
  • an ecotoxicological profile, allowing for disinfection even in the presence of animals
Figure 3. Cold nebulization with Aeroclean® in a hatchery

With bactericidal, virucidal, fungicidal and yeasticidal activities at low concentrations, Aeroclean® is recommended for applications in hatcheries and egg disinfection, for the disinfection of premises (PT2 / PT3 / PT4) and can be used in organic production.

Iodol® 100 - iodine

Iodol® 100 is an iodophor, iodine stabilizer that: 

  • increases the solubility and dispersion of iodine, optimizing its penetration into cells
  • constitutes an iodine reserve which increases persistence of activity
  • is not irritating or toxic at recommended concentration levels

Iodol® 100 is formulated with food grade phosphoric acid for optimal descaling and disinfectant activity, and can be used for: 

  • disinfection and descaling of pipes during the period when animals are not in situ
  • disinfection and acidification (giving a probiotic effect) in animal drinking water


Huvepharma provides the best portfolio for biosecurity solutions. All the products are matched so that they do not compete for efficacy, but complement and work together in the best possible way. 

Our portfolio is:

  • fully synergistic
  • respectful to animals, users and the environment
  • unique in its composition and key activity features


All products may not be marketed in all countries.
Specific regulations may apply depending on the country of use. Please refer to your local regulation for each specific use.


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