Huvepharma's Range of Detergents: Solution Driven

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Article | 25.07.2021
Frank Foulon and Jean-Charles Baglione

Each Huvepharma detergent perfectly suits the specific hygiene requirements for livestock breeding, covering all cleaning and disinfection needs for poultry, pig and ruminant farm buildings as well as transportation vehicles and hatcheries.

Our DT range of detergent products have been developed to display the following characteristics: 

  • Surfactive effect

An appropriate amount of non-ionic surfactant (alkyl glucoside) gives a surfactive effect. This allows for better diffusion inside the organic matter and the biofilm. These actives also act as a foam enhancer.

  • pH adjustment

A strong, immediate pH adjustment towards alkaline results from the presence of sodium hydroxide (NaOH). This compound delivers hydroxyl ions (OH-) to break the carbonic chains of the biofilm matrix (EPS). 

  • Alkaline reserve

The potassium hydroxide (KOH) in each detergent maintains a supply of hydroxyl ions (OH-) for the dispersion of the removed organic matter and biofilm. This property is linked with rinsability.

  • Effective in hard water

Chelating agents ensure the detergents are effective in hard water. 

  • Anticorrosive

Anticorrosive agents in the products prevent surface damage resulting from the alkalinity.

  • Bactericidal and virucidal efficacy

Quaternary ammoniums produce a bactericidal and virucidal effect in our dual action detergent / disinfectant product, DT Move®. 

  • Biodegradable

Surfactants sourced from vegetable origin allow a good biodegradability profile and meet Ecocert certification standards. All Huvepharma® detergents are Ecocert certified.

DT Foam® - designed for poultry farms

  • "Best in class" biofilm breaker (Figure 1)
  • Optimal wetting and degreasing effects

DT Max® - designed for pig farms

  • Ultra foaming detergent (Figure 2), ensuring a strong alkaline attack with optimal foaming and degreasing effects
  • Effective even in the presence of a high content of organic matter

DT Move® - bactericidal and virucidal detergent

  • For cleaning and disinfection of vehicles (animal or feed) and food transportation
  • For cleaning and disinfection of surfaces and equipment in hatcheries and the food industry

DT Smart® - for water pipes and feeding systems

  • Non-foaming degreasing detergent for the cleaning of water pipes and feeding systems
Figure 1. DT Foam® application in a poultry shed
Figure 2. DT Max® application in a pig barn
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