Cryptosporidiosis Webinar Review

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Article | 13.12.2019

The first Huvepharma® ruminant webinar entitled "An Overview of Cryptosporidiosis", focusing on cryptosporidiosis in calves, was organized by Rhod Howells and the Huvepharma® UK team on 11th December 2019.


Three speakers participated in this webinar:

  • Dr. Frank Katzer from the Moredun Research Institute, Scotland
  • Hrvoje Starcevic, Global product manager for ruminants at Huvepharma®
  • Dr. Sarah Gibbs from Lambert, Leonard and May Vets, UK

Dr. Frank Katzer introduced the topic of cryptosporidiosis, focusing on the complex lifecycle of the pathogen which makes it very difficult to control. He reminded the audience that cryptosporidiosis is a zoonosis that has caused outbreaks in humans in the past. Dr. Katzer also spoke about the prevalence, control and treatment of the disease. 

Hrvoje Starcevic followed with a presentation on Parofor® CRYPTO, the Huvepharma® product used to reduce diarrhea in calves diagnosed with Cryptosporidium parvum. Mr. Starcevic emphasized the safety, efficacy and practicality of Parofor® CRYPTO. Paromomycin, the active substance in Parofor® CRYPTO, is produced in-house by Huvepharma® who retain control over the whole production process, guaranteeing high EU-standard quality in every batch.

Dr. Sarah Gibbs then described how, as a vet practitioner, she utilizes all the benefits of Parofor® CRYPTO to solve everyday problems with cryptosporidiosis in calves. She also gave an overview of her experience when using Parofor® CRYPTO, including feedback from satisfied farmers.

There were 79 attendees from 11 different countries who followed the live webinar. All 400 people who registered for the event received a link to the recording which is available on request.

Details of future webinars will be shared on our website and social media platforms. 

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