OptiPhos Plus

Beat the Heat

Following the positive opinion received from the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), we are delighted to confirm that OptiPhos® Plus has now received full European registration for use in all poultry and pigs species at a minimum dose of 250 FTU/kg. [Official Journal of the European Union entry].

OptiPhos® Plus is a newly developed, next-generation phytase combining improved thermostability with reliable matrix values.


In pelleted feeds, the thermostability of phytases has always been important. Loss of enzyme activity during the pelleting process can lead to phosphorus deficiency and low animal performance levels.

Now feed mills can add this intrinsically heat stable phytase directly into the feed, as it is able to withstand the temperature and pressure conditions of the pelleting process.

  • OptiPhos® Plus G (granular) can be used up to 85°C
  • OptiPhos® Plus CT (coated) can be used up to 95°C

These recommendations are supported by pelleting trials carried out at more than ten different trial locations in the US and EU since 2017.

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Reliable P matrix values

For the new phytase OptiPhos® Plus, over 10 trials have been conducted, both in poultry and in pigs, to determine the P matrix values. These matrix values have been calculated based on all the trial data, and not just based on the trials giving the best response.

This results in P matrix values that are reliable and not overestimated.This gives you peace of mind when formulating feeds, assuring that there is zero risk of P deficiency at farm level. 

Feed cost savings while reducing environmental impact

Supplementing the diet with a phytase enzyme helps the animal unlock the phosphorus that would otherwise be bound in the form of phytate. This reduces the need to include inorganic phosphorus sources in the diet, equating to a significant saving on the cost of the feed. This reduction in the inclusion of inorganic phosphorous sources also reduces the excretion of phosphorous in the local environment.

Now registered in the EU

Following the positive opinion on OptiPhos® Plus from EFSA, this revolutionary next-generation product has now also received full EU registration for use in all poultry and pig species at a minimum dose rate of 250 FTU/kg.

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