Vetmulin® / Rodotium® (Tiamulin): An Excellent Choice for the Treatment of Mycoplasma-induced Arthritis

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Article | 03.04.2023
Lieven Claerhout DVM

Mycoplasma species such as M. hyorhinis and M. hyosynoviae can cause clinical symptoms of arthritis in swine herds (Picture 1). These infections can lead to significant economic losses due to lameness, swollen joints, and poor growth.

Clinical M. hyorhinis tends to occur in swine from 3 to 10 weeks old and can cause polyserositis and pneumonia. M. hyosynoviae is mainly present in pigs over 3 months old. Although mycoplasmal arthritis has been identified for a long time, the number of clinical cases has increased in recent years. Vetmulin® / Rodotium® (tiamulin) has excellent activity against both pathogens. 

Picture 1. Mycoplasmal arthritis

High sensitivity to Vetmulin® / Rodotium®

Tiamulin MIC (minimal inhibitory concentration) values of globally isolated M. hyosynoviae and M. hyorhinis strains have been generated and published (Tables 1 and 2). These publications demonstrate low tiamulin MIC90 values and indicate an excellent sensitivity to Vetmulin® / Rodotium® in vitro. 

M. hyosynoviae

Table 1. In vitro sensitivity (µg/ml) of M. hyosynoviae strains to tiamulin

M. hyorhinis

Table 2. In vitro sensitivity (µg/ml) of M. hyorhinis strains to tiamulin

Vetmulin® / Rodotium® provides high tiamulin concentrations in the synovial fluid of joints and in plasma following a single injection

After injections with Vetmulin® 162 mg tiamulin base/ml, tiamulin synovial fluid concentration levels rise above the MIC90 of M. hyosynoviae and M. hyorhinis very quickly (Figure 1). Therapeutic concentrations are maintained over a period of 24 hours.

Figure 1. Pharmacokinetic / pharmacodynamic relationship of Vetmulin® / Rodotium® concentrations in synovial fluid and plasma following a single injection of 15 mg tiamulin base/kg body weight to MIC90 of M. hyorhinis and M. hyosynoviae

Proven efficacy

Forty young gilts seriously affected with M. hyosynoviae arthritis were injected for 3 consecutive days with 10 or 15 mg tiamulin hydrogen fumarate/kg body weight/day. Over 7 days, the treated pigs showed a significant reduction in lameness score (Figure 2; < 0.01) and had significantly better weight gain in comparison with the untreated control group. 

Figure 2. Lameness score determination at 3 time points


Vetmulin® 162 mg tiamulin base/ml Solution for Injection at 1.5 ml/20 kg body weight, when injected for 3 days, is an effective treatment for pigs affected with mycoplasmal arthritis.


References are available on request
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