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Article | 29.05.2021
Halofuginone, the active ingredient in Stenorol® is derived from febrifugine, a natural quinazolinone alkaloid which can be found in the herb Dichroa febrifuga. For centuries the Chinese treated malaria, a protozoan parasitic disease, with an extract from the leaf and root of the plant Dichroa febrifuga Lour. 

Although manufactured by chemical synthesis, halofuginone, the active ingredient of Stenorol®, is derived from a natural product whose antiparasitic activity has been used successfully for hundreds of years. Stenorol® is unrelated to any other coccidiostat, making this very potent product unique for use in broilers and turkeys. 

Eimeria meleagrimitis, which multiplies in the mid intestine in turkeys, is one of the most prevalent and important Eimeria species in the field. Eimeria meleagrimitis is also considered an important predisposing factor for the emerging problem of necrotic enteritis in turkeys. In contrast to other Eimeria species in turkeys, this species is most commonly seen in younger turkeys, and its prevalence during the first two months in the life of the turkey is often a reason for treatment.

The increased coccidiosis pressure in turkeys in recent years, resulting in clinical or subclinical coccidiosis, has motivated several big turkey producers to introduce Stenorol® into their annual rotation programs. Stenorol® is applied successfully either as a full program or in shuttle programs. Using Stenorol® in the first 5-6 weeks of life (for instance, in the brooding period when the brooding and moving principle is applied) can be followed by the inclusion of ionophore coccidiostats in the grower stages, most commonly at the lowest registered doses to avoid the risk of toxicity by introducing these products in older turkeys. 

In the past, producers preferred to use strong products such as Stenorol® in the most challenging period, which for Europe is during the autumn or winter period. The use of Stenorol® in the autumn or winter months is now being replaced by Monimax®, leaving Stenorol® available for use in summer rotations to support decreasing sensitivity as observed for the commonly used ionophore products over the years.

The introduction of Stenorol® as a brooding product in summer for turkeys has several advantages. Firstly, when used during the first weeks of life which are generally perceived as the period with the highest gastrointestinal challenges, coccidiosis control is achieved. Futhermore, Stenorol® will revive the efficacy of the ionophore products introduced in the second part of the shuttle program. In this way, good coccidiosis control can be achieved throughout the whole life cycle. 

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