Huvepharma Inc. Introduces New Vaccine to Combat Necrotic Enteritis

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Product | 24.11.2020

Huvepharma Inc. introduces AVERT™ NE, an innovative new vaccine to help control necrotic enteritis (NE) due to Clostridium perfringens Type A. Avert™ NE utilizes proprietary and unique recombinant attenuated Salmonella vaccine (RASV) technology from Curtiss Healthcare, Inc. as the delivery platform to elicit an immune response to protect chickens from necrotic enteritis (NE). 

"AVERT™ NE is the first live vaccine that can be mass administered for the control of NE to be licensed in the US." said Glen Wilkinson, president of Huvepharma US. "With the majority of US broilers being grown in antibiotic-free production, controlling NE has become a significant challenge for poultry producers. Given this, Huvepharma recognized the potential from the Curtiss Healthcare RASV technology as a preventative solution that could replace and or complement current alternatives that aid in the control of NE. We are extremely excited to offer this exceptional next generation technology to the poultry industry to address this critically important economic challenge."

"The relationship between Curtiss Healthcare and Huvepharma represents the ideal example of bringing innovative, science-based technology to the market to solve real-world problems" according to Dr. Bob Nordgren, Chief R&D Officer of Curtiss Healthcare, Inc. "The RASV platform is the brainchild of National Academy of Sciences member Dr. Roy Curtiss. He recognized the value of applying advanced enabling recombinant technology to modify Salmonella to serve as a vector to protect against a range of diseases. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with Huvepharma to find additional opportunities to leverage this exciting technology to help improve animal health."

AVERT™ NE joins the extensive Huvepharma portfolio of products to protect the health and improve the productivity of our customers' broiler flocks. Drew Weir, Director of Huvepharma US Poultry Business Unit stated, "The vision of our team is to provide innovative solutions to the evolving needs or our customers through scientific expertise, strategic account representation, and expansion of our diverse portfolio. We believe AVERT™ NE is an outstanding example of bringing that vision to reality."

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