Huvepharma® Intestinal Gut Health Training in Poultry

On a regular basis (2-3 times per year), Huvepharma® organizes a training on intestinal health in poultry in the beautiful medieval city of Ghent. This training on gut health in poultry focusses on coccidiosis diagnosis and coccidiosis control programs. Both theoretical and practical sessions are aiming to increase the knowledge on this economical important poultry disease.

  • The theoretical session first gives an overview of different pathogens possibly impairing gut health and secondly focusses on coccidiosis. Next to a correct diagnosis it is important to implement an optimal coccidiosis program which can consist of coccidiostats or coccidiosis vaccines. Depending on the needs of the customers a guest speaker is invited who brings the latest update on his field of expertise.

  • The practical session (a wet lab) is organized at the faculty of veterinary medicine of Ghent university and gives the opportunity to look at the impact of coccidiosis on the intestinal tract from a very close distance.

In October 2017 Huvepharma® organized 2 gut health workshops, one focusing on the international market and one focusing on the EU market.

The rationale behind organizing 2 different workshops is the fact that different control tools are available in different markets and making this split gives us the opportunity to better adapt our presentations and topics to the needs of the customer. We would like to thank you for your time and interest if you already attended one of our trainings and if not we hope to see you at one of our next workshops in Ghent.

Huvepharma® raises interest on EBF in Bilbao, Spain

This year, European Buiatrics Forum (EBF) was held in Bilbao, Spain from October 4th to October 6th. City of Bilbao located in the Basque Country in Spain hosted close to 500 attendees, from Spain, Europe and other international countries, including experts, practitioners and representatives of the industry on this forum held every two years.
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