Huvepharma's group of companies has 3 manufacturing facilities in Europe and 5 in USA.

We have fermentation plants with more than 6000 m3 capacity, chemical synthesis plants, downstream facilities for processing and packaging of technical grade products, plants for chemical isolation and purification, dedicated plant for granulates, plant for packaged pharmaceuticals, incoming materials warehouses, finished goods warehouses, quality control laboratories for quality assurance throughout the production process and the after-sale process and R&D laboratories for new product development. To ensure the needs of the manufacturing processes function onsite utilities units for electricity, compressed air, purified water, steam and natural gas distribution networks.

Huvepharma’s key strength lies in fermentation. The company’s manufacturing subsidiaries have been developing this expertise for ​more than half a century.

Huvepharma’s manufacturing plants have several chemical purification and isolation facilities for production of active pharmaceutical ingredients complyng with international pharmacopoeia standards.

The GMP-approved packaged pharmaceuticals plant manufacturies products that are exported to the EU, Central and Eastern Europe, CIS, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia.