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  1. CORID

    Huvepharma acquires CORID trademark from Merial Inc.

  2. Huvepharma Japan

    Huvepharma set up a representative office in Japan by the acquisition of the Japanese company NAI, developing and distributing Bio-D, a feed additive for poultry and swine

  3. Mexico

    Huvepharma set up a representative office in Mexico

  4. Acquisition Zoetis

    Acquisition of certain product range of Zoetis and related manufacturing facilities.

  5. Acquisition of Garessio

    Acquisition of Garessio plant for chemical synthesis from Sanofi S.A

  6. Acquisition ANC

    Acquisition of ANC (Animal Nutrition Center) Turkey.

  7. Acquisition Advent®

    Acquisition: Viridus (Novus) Animal Health LLC – ADVENT® vaccine

  8. Acquisition: OptiPhos®

    Acquisition: OptiPhos® portfolio Enzyvia LLC

  9. New Plant

    Huvepharma through its subsidiary Biovet opens a new plant for production of biotechnological and pharmaceutical products in the town of Razgrad, Bulgaria.

  10. Office Brazil

    Subsidiary company in Brazil

  11. Office India

    Huvepharma opens a subsidiary company in India

  12. Acquisition anticoccidials Merial.

    Huvepharma acquires certain anticoccidials and a formulation plant of Merial Inc. Representative office in Russia. Subsidiary company in Thailand.

  13. FDA & GMP

    Huvepharma receives a FDA approval and EU GMP certificate. Subsidiary company established in Taiwan. Representative office in China.

  14. GMP & HACCP

    Huvepharma and Biovet receive feed additives GMP and HACCP certification by SGS (Ovocom). Acquisitions of Balkanpharma Razgrad, part of Actavis. Acquisition of Intervet's feed additives global business. Huvepharma sets up subsidiary companies in Belgium and the USA. Company's name is officially changed from Biovet to a global brand, Huvepharma (Human and Veterinary pharma).

  15. 2000-2005

    Significant capital investments are made in the following areas: Plant upgrades, plant automation, construction of new production areas and warehouses, construction of granulating facilities and upgrades of quality control laboratories.

  16. ISO 9001/ISO 14001

    Integrated quality and environmental management system ISO 9001/ISO 14001 implemented

  17. Zelin (Botevgrad)

    Huvepharma acquires Zelin (Botevgrad), an enzymes manufacturing plant.

  18. 2000

    Huvepharma acquires majority stake in Biovet (Peshtera)

  19. FDA certified tylosin production

    Tylosin production line in the Razgrad plant is approved by FDA. GMP systems implemented and certified by authorities.

  20. 1993-1999

    Tylosin production line at Razgrad plant is approved by FDA. Injectables and tableting are completed in Peshtera plant. ISO 9001-Biovet certified. GMP compliance certified.

  21. 1980-1986

    Downstream processing facilities and wastewater treatment plants built in Peshtera and Razgrad

  22. 1954-1975

    Production companies with R&D established in Peshtera, Razgrad and Botevgrad, Bulgaria.