Huvepharma® Investing EUR 150 Mln to double Bulgarian production site capacities

Huvepharma is investing in a major plant extension at our facility in Peshtera, Bulgaria. The addition of more than 3,000m3   fermentation capacity will double the production capabilities of the Peshtera site resulting in a 50% increase in Huvepharma’s fermentation capacity.  This investment will give our company close to 10,000 m3 of fermentation capacity, which makes it one of the largest fully integrated animal health production sites globally. The total investment is 150 mio Euro and includes not only the expansion of fermenters but also all upstream and downstream processes as well as enhanced packaging equipment for finished products.

The first phase is planned for early 2018 followed by the new site reaching full operational status by end 2019.

This investment will not only benefit the future growth of Huvepharma but confirms our strategy to remain a fully integrated EU/US based producer.  Huvepharma produces in its own factories more than 90% of the active ingredients for its Animal Health product range, which includes a dozen different molecule that are produced at our three major fermentation sites in Bulgaria: Peshtera, Razgrad and Botevgrad. These production sites are multifunctional and can alternate between fermentation campaigns for the various molecules depending market demand. Presently the Huvepharma sites are producing molecules such as coccidiostats, antibiotics, enzymes and human health API’s.  Products produced at our sites include the major brands Sacox®, Coxidin®, Optiphos®, Hostazym®, Pharmasin®, Tilmovet®, Vetmulin® and Parofor® which are all exported, 30% to EU countries and 70% to other global markets.

This expansion supporting the growth of the Huvepharma business also supplements the addition of the new fermentation site in Razgrad (2012) as well as the recent acquisition in early 2016 from a Sanofi site, located in Garessio, Italy.  With the Garessio acquisition, Huvepharma realizes important backward integration of chemical synthesis which further complements the fermentation expertise of our sites in Bulgaria.  With each investment, our strategy to secure fully integrated EU/US based production capacity is further realized.  Currently Huvepharma operates 4 production sites in Europe and 5 sites in the USA.

This important and critical investment in the expansion of our production sites capabilities enhances and supports the rapid growth and globalization of Huvepharma’s Animal Health business. 

With the recent addition of two new sales subsidiaries in Japan and Mexico in early January 2017, Huvepharma also progressed on its forward integration enabling it to better serve its customers in major animal health production regions.

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